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Last Week Recap:

Last week we found out that the wall was completely restored despite the obstacles and mockers that stood in Nehemiah’s way.

When God gave Nehemiah the task, I’m sure Nehemiah probably looked at the task wondering how long, who would help him, and where would he get the materials. Yet, it’s the attitude that drives the task to completion.

Nehemiah had a good work ethic. Good work ethics are not just doing it on your own, but finding the proper and most effective way to complete the task.

Teaching series:


Memory Verse:

He who gives to the poor will lack nothing.” Proverbs 28:27 NIV

Thoughts 💭 and Discussions

  1. Do you really believe that if you give your food and your water to the poor, you will lack nothing not even food or water yourself?

Bible Reading: Nehemiah 5


Teaching summary video: Nehemiah helps the poor



Discussions Questions:

  • Why are the people upset? (Their families are numerous, and it is difficult to feed all of them. They are mortgaging their property just to eat. They are borrowing money. Their sons and daughters are in slavery. They are powerless because others own all they have.)
  • Who seems to be the enemy who owns the property and slaves? (Their own people, fellow citizens. Most likely, they are Jewish people who became wealthy in exile or established their own wealth.)
  • Is it right that these people take advantage of others by charging them extra and enslaving their children?
  • How does Nehemiah respond to all the outcries? (He is very angry. He goes directly to the nobles and officials to tell them that they are behaving in an unjust manner.)
  • How do you think God feels as He watches His People who escaped from slavery return to be enslaved by their own people?
  • Is the problem resolved? If so, how? (Yes. Nehemiah reminds them to walk in fear of God in order to avoid His reproach. The nobles quit charging interest and return what they took.)
  • What evidence from the passage can you find that displays Nehemiah’s ability to be a good leader and example to his people? (He heard the people’s outcry. He responded quickly. He, himself, gave and lead by example. He worked alongside his people on the wall. He devoted himself to finish what God called him to do

Applications & Key Thoughts:

  • Nehemiah continues to show great leadership by not just telling people what to do but showing them how to do it.
  • He opened his hand and his heart to be used by God.
  • God didn’t like the fact that some of His people were hurting and poor due to the greediness of their own kind.
  • God wants us to love others as we love ourselves.


Dear Lord, thank You for being a giving God. You are the provider of all things. Thank You for all that You have given me and my family. Give me a generous heart for the poor and needy. In Jesus name …Amen 🙏🏽



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Come back next week to continue the story of how God uses Nehemiah to reform the people’s hearts towards Him.




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